Fun Ways to Beat Stress
Sounds too simple?

You may be surprised but many psychotherapists often recommend pleasurable activities as a way of coping with low mood or stressful life events. Pleasurable activities provide more opportunities to feel pleasurable feelings (rather than feelings of anxiety and depression) and can be a great way to establish to break negative cycles or establish positive routines.

Here are some ideas to start off with:

Find out about something you’re curious
Read a book or watch a movie
Take a brisk walk
Practice mindfulness
Get a massage
Cook a meal
Play a game
Play with a pet
Take a yoga class
Go to a comedy club
Go to a museum
Take a nap
Wear an outfit that makes you feel good
Meet a friend
Journal your thoughts in the wayForward thought log

Obstacles to Fun

Stress and anxiety impact self-esteem, and not for the better. When you’re upset or anxious, you don’t have such positive thoughts about yourself. Some “maladaptive

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