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Our expert coaches can help you with the following problems

Spouse/Marriage Problems

  • Reduce fights with husband/wife
  • Infertility
  • Infidelity (cheating spouse)
  • Problems with in-laws
  • Children
  • Communication issues

Issues related to children

  • Improve relationships with children
  • Deal better with child’s tantrums
  • Help children manage their emotions better
  • Worried about thier school performance
  • Worried about thier health
  • Worried about thier behavior issues
  • Worried about the kind of company they are keeping

Work stress

  • Balance personal and professional life
  • Improve productivity
  • Deal with procrastination
  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Motivate yourself at work
  • Perform better at appraisals
  • Prevent nervous breakdown from work
  • Deal with fear of deadlines
  • Achieve long-term goals and milestone

Performance anxiety

  • Overcome public speaking anxiety
  • Manage panic and stress related to exams
  • Be more confident at social gatherings
  • Give better presentations at work
  • Manage anxiety of meeting new people
  • Handle client meetings with confidence
  • Overcome fear of failure
  • Perform better at interviews
  • Manage anxiety before and after an interview
  • Learn to be assertive and more confident

Relationship issues

  • Reduce arguments with boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Improve communication with your partner
  • Bring back the spark in your relationship
  • Understand your spouse better
  • Move on after a divorce or separation
  • Get over the pain of a break-up

Family problems

  • Cut down on arguments with family members
  • Improve relationships with family members
  • Create a happy home environment
  • Get along better with in-laws
  • Create better relationships with siblings

Work-life balance

  • Manage time better
  • Balance family and professional life
  • Make time for personal interests
  • Add fitness to your daily schedule
  • Deal better with pressure at work


  • Overcome feelings of sadness
  • Manage anxiety related to everyday situations
  • Get to the root cause of your depression
  • Understand psychological causes of headaches, backaches and other physical problems


  • Overcome the trauma of divorce and separation
  • Get over a broken relationship

Dealing with grief/loss

  • Overcome the pain of losing a friend or loved one
  • Deal better with grief

Financial worry

  • Reduce worry related to finances
  • Deal better with uncertainity
  • Overcome fear of failure

Conflict or fights at work

  • Improve relationship with boss
  • Improve relationships with colleagues
  • Reduce arguments with colleagues
  • Work better in a team
  • Deal with differences in opinion
  • Balance different working styles

Handling difficult emotions

  • Reduce anger and road rage
  • Learn to manage emotions better
  • Understand your emotional self
  • Find out root cause of problems
  • Overcome sadness

Stress related to pregnancy, childbirth and infertility

  • Deal with anxiety related to pregnancy
  • Overcome sadness after childbirth
  • Manage stress of taking care of a baby
  • Deal with emotional issues related to infertility

Insomnia and sleep related problems

  • Find the real reasons behind sleep related problems
  • Learn to relax and reduce worry
  • Modify sleep patterns for better health

Discovering Life Purpose

  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • Manage the stress of uncertainity
  • Discover your life path
  • Explore your inner motivations
  • Create happiness in life
  • Find real reasons behind your sadness
  • Build a roadmap for a more contented future

Dealing with Loneliness

  • Find contentment in being alone
  • Overcome anxiety of abandonment
  • Deal with the stress of managing on your own
  • Create healthier relationships
  • Build a more satusfying social life
  • Find real reasons behind your sadness

Global Team of Experts


Dr Navya Singh

Dr Navya Singh


Award winning Clinical Psychologist
Researcher at Columbia University, New York

Prof Lata McGinn

Prof Lata McGinn

Global CBT Expert

Past President, International Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Chair, Indian CBT Association

Dr A K Singh

Dr A K Singh


Renowned Neurosurgeon at Max Healthcare

Angelene Kaur

Angelene Kaur


Speciality in High Performance and Celebrities

Devika Venkatachalam

Devika Venkatachalam


Speciality Children and Adolescents

Dr Lisa Napolitano

Dr Lisa Napolitano

Clinical Psychologist

International Mindfulness and CBT Expert

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I didn’t even realise that I had a problem until my wife threatened to leave me. That’s when I reached out for help and I’m glad wayForward was there to help me before it was too late. I’m better able to handle work stress now, and my relationship with my wife is improving too.

Arpit KManager

This app has changed my life. I am able to go out and do things. Meet new people and overall not be as nervous so seriously thank you for saving me from myself.

Laura GDigital Sales

Awesome App! It will help so many people in today's stressful world.

Surpreet KDeveloper

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