1. Out of one hundred employees, 64 say they face extreme stress daily, 29 are absent 3-6 days a year due to it, and 16 end up missing more than a week!

  2. With 46% of India’s corporate workforce facing some or the other form of stress or depression, more and more employees are displaying inefficiency and disengagement, indirectly causing the company huge losses in terms of output, quality, and ROI. 

  3. Employees in start-ups and SMEs show 20% higher stress levels than their MNC counterparts.

A happy workforce is comprised of happy and productive employees. However, employees today face a number of issues in the office, which take a serious toll on their ability to work. This can adversely impact the company’s overall output and productivity.

With wayForward, you can help your employees:

  • Balance personal and professional life

  • Improve productivity

  • Deal with procrastination

  • Improve concentration and focus

  • Perform better at appraisals

  • Prevent nervous breakdown from work

  • Deal with fear of deadlines

  • Achieve long-term goals and milestone

The wayForward Solution

Tailored to your company’s needs and easily integrated into the workplace, wayForward can provide solutions via it’s:

  • App-based Self-Use Programme

The comprehensive programme gives employees access to a self-use App, which is customized to goals they want to achieve and has 5-10 minute sessions with engaging videos, skills and relaxation exercises.

  • In-person Workshops and webinars

These are conducted in different corporate sectors, with topics based on specific needs of the organization and customized to the audience.

  • On-site Coaching

Highly trained counselors can be made available in the organization premises for in-person consultations.

  • Engagement Activities

Events, activities, and sessions are held to increase employee engagement and improve their overall well-being.

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