Single and Loving It

By February 14, 2017Relationships, Stress

Celebrate Yourself this Valentine’s Day

Tips to enjoy the day of love without a romantic partner

Being on your own has its perks but the single status can begin to bite when everyone you know is out celebrating Valentine’s Day with their significant other. To add to the pressure, everything around us is filled with reminders of how wonderful being in love is (think large billboards dotted with large hearts, valentine’s day sales, couple discounts and the like).

Even though everything around you might be pushing you to either grab a romantic partner or hide under the covers, the good news is that there is a third option. This Valentine’s Day, beat the stress and celebrate yourself in all your splendor. Here’s how:

 It’s about love

Celebrate the day with someone you love, even though it might not be a romantic partner. Enjoy a day out with a close friend, bond with your sibling over a movie, cut a cake with your parents or plan a play day with your pet.

 Be your Valentine

Make the day special for the one who matters the most – you. Pamper yourself by doing something you like. Relax at a spa, go shopping, play paintball, buy yourself chocolates and gifts, read a book, eat something delicious…the list is endless.

 Go easy on yourself

Don’t beat yourself up for being single. Romantic relationships can’t always be planned. Instead, focus on the positive side of being on your own, such as the freedom to choose how you want to spend the day or the option of flirting with single people around you.

 Gift of giving

Choose to make the day about giving instead of receiving. Spread love and kindness to the people around you. Go out of your way to be nice to the people you meet during the day, even if it just with a smile. Notch it up by volunteering or donating to a charity.

Remember that love comes in all shapes and forms, and it all begins with loving yourself. So make this Valentine’s Day fabulous for YOU!