Where To Find the Help You Need

By October 18, 2016Stress, Work

Now that you have identified that you may need emotional or mental health support, the next step is to figure out how and where to get it.

There are a variety of options out there, ranging from to in-person therapy to app-based solutions. Explore the following alternatives to figure out what works for you:

  • Online support: Look for digital solutions that provide expert mental health care. You will find these options in the app store of your smartphone. Such services are especially useful when you don’t have personal access to a mental healthcare professional or are not able to find the time to visit one. The upsides include privacy, time flexibility and convenience.
  • Mental Healthcare Provider: If you are someone who would rather get help face-to-face, look for support at a hospital near you. Most hospitals these days have a mental healthcare wing where you can consult psychiatrists, psychologists and occupational therapists. Face-to-face counselling and therapy is especially useful for more severe mental health issues.
  • Social support groups: Don’t underestimate the power of your social support group. Often, sharing your issues with a friend, family member or mentor can give you a new perspective on your problem. Social networks can serve as a stopgap for immediate support until you connect with a trained mental healthcare professional (online or in-person).
  • Self-work: Don’t wait for crisis to hit before seeking help. Subscribe to self-help apps and newsletters than can help you develop coping skills as a preventive measure. Regular self-work and introspection can help you identify your problem areas and prepare you to deal with unforeseen stress and anxiety.

Expert tip: Don’t hesitate to try out a few of these options before settling on one at it can sometimes take a while to find the perfect fit. Once you figure out what provides you the most relief and comfort, aim to dedicate at least a 2-3 months to working towards better emotional well-being.